LockMagic Quick Features Summary


Core Protection


Description: Description: overall lock

·   One-Click encryption

·   Send encrypted attachments directly from windows explorer

·   Create and save encrypted content in any location

·   Transparently open and save encrypted files

·   Copy an encrypted folder to a destination folder or as single zip file

·   Support binary encrypted file format and embedded encrypted HTML format

·   Open an encrypted content on a webpage and without any client installation

·   Manage identity of authorized people by providing their email addresses

·   Create trusted groups for offline sharing

·   Create policy templates of authorized users and content control

·   Allow users to recall and activate secure content via LockMagic Content Manager



Secure Email


Description: Description: Description: http://www.mylivekey.net/images/icon_emailsecurity.png

·   Provide Microsoft Outlook plug-in to transparently send/receive secure messages

·   Encrypting/Decrypting message body and attachments transparently

·   Sending read-receipt directly from key service upon access of encrypted message or attachment

·   Provide content expiration on email message and attachments


Secure Office



·   Provide Microsoft Word /plug-in to encrypt partial and whole documents


·   Provide Microsoft Excel plug-in to encrypt individual worksheets or entire workbook

·   Provide user-defined password to encrypt content in addition to user identities

·   Provide content expiration on secure content

·   Provide viewer, editor and owner roles to control user access to encrypted content

·   Provide read notifications to content owner

·   Specify policies, list of emails addresses and certificates via templates



Secure Files


Description: Description: Description: http://www.mylivekey.net/images/icon_filesystem.png

·   Transparent secure file access

·   Manage access policies for removable media

·   Block access to removable media based on access policy

·   Encrypt data on removable media based on data protection policy

·   Automatic encrypted backup to local disks and cloud storage



Enterprise Key Service


Description: Description: Description: http://www.mylivekey.net/images/icon_ad.png

·   Transparent integration with Active Directory to derive authorization via group membership

·   Transparent key service location discovery via service connection point

·   Manage access to encrypted content using security and distribution groups

·   Support single-sign on and mutual authentication

·   Disable access to key service for specific users via group membership

·   Disable access to encrypted content authored by specific users defined in a security group

·   Log all user service requests and token accesses

·   Recall specified document and email tokens to prevent undesired access

·   Enforce time expiry policies on token accesses

Mobile Apps






·       LockMagic mobile application allows user to email encrypted messages, share encrypted files and access encrypted content using their mobile devices.

Cloud Service


Description: Description: cloud lock

·   Allow users to send secure email messages using web browser

·   Allow users to access key service over Internet

·   Allow users to encrypt and decrypt files using web browser

·   Allow users to send and receive messages over web browser

·   Allow users to revoke access secure content using web browser

·   Allow users to share secure content with other people using Internet Identities

·   Provide LockMagic specific user registration and identity service for external partners

·   Allow users to share content securely from Dropbox, Onedrive and Google Drive


2-Factor Login


·   Allow users register soft and hardware tokens online through self-service

·   Authenticate users to services using  one-time password from token or phone

·   Use smart mobile phone as token using Google Authenticator App

·   Single touch on hardware token to enter password

·   Store encryption key on token protected with user pin for mobile and offline key

·   Verifies token serial identifier to validate ownership based on registration

·   Validates token against allowed devices using token serial identifier

·   Accessible by internal and External users.

·   Provides strong two-factor authentication

·   Use different token colors for different configurations and roles