Seamless Encryption, Seamless Integration, Seamless Protection

Encryption Security Software That Works The Way You Work

LockMagic is an innovative encryption system that seamlessly integrates with your existing working style, and environment, to protect your data from being leaked to unauthorized users. It is compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP to Windows 7. LockMagic encrypts data with the identities of the sender and recipients of this data. The identity is defined as the email address of the sender and/or of the recipient of the data. As such, these identities follow the data in such a way that even if the data is copied from one drive to another, one computer to another, emailed, or even copied to a flash drive, LockMagic ensures that at the point of access, only the real recipient of the data will be the only identity that will be able to access it. LockMagic supports identities from enterprise Active Directory domains or Internet emails at Live ID, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and OpenID.

LockMagic allows the user to:

  • Encrypt data without any extra passwords to remember.
  • Encrypt data located on flash and network drives.
  • Enables mobility of data no matter what device it is on.
  • Run the encryption and decryption software with no Administrator privileges.
  • Work, as usual, by seamlessly integrating with the Windows Operating System.


  • Always-available data
  • Protect against data loss (hardware failures, fire, theft)
  • Secure Data

Typical flow

  • Define current problem of securing content
  • Present potential cost-saving measures if easy and simple encryption solution is available
  • Use email to send data instead of paper or customer website to host content
  • Use online storage for access anywhere, disaster recovery and backup
  • Email experience
  • Enterprise "send and receive" seamless secure email access
  • Web email via html encrypted content
  • Online storage "dropbox, skydrive, google docs, S3, ...etc"
  • Leverage free-online storage services for backup or online collaboration
  • Data encryption is required and lockmagic is right solution
  • Mobile and Shared data access is a challenge for other encryption solutions but not lockmagic
  • Online LockMagic Service for easy access to encrypted content from any computer or device
  • Conclusion on cost is very low and saves money
  • No paper cost but instead use electronic email delivery
  • No customer website or portal management but instead send content on email itself
  • No storage to host content for customers but instead leverage email systems and enable client archival
LockMagic supports hardware tokens for user authentication and offline key storage. A single token enables both functions for two-factor authentication and mobile encryption.

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