Seamless Encryption, Seamless Integration, Seamless Protection

Encryption Security Software That Works The Way You Work

LockMagic is a patented identity-based information security solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing working style, and environment, to protect your data from being leaked to unauthorized users. LockMagic encrypts data with the identities of the sender and recipients. The identity is defined as the email address of the sender and/or of the recipient of the data. As such, these identities follow the data in such a way that even if the data is copied from one drive to another, one computer to another, emailed, or even copied to a flash drive or cloud, LockMagic ensures that at the point of access, only the authorized recipients will be able to access the data. LockMagic supports identities from enterprise Active Directory domains or Internet emails at Azure, Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, OpenID or any OAuth2 provider.