Seamless Encryption, Seamless Integration, Seamless Protection

2nd Level Cybersecurity protection with no additional passwords.

LockMagic is a patented identity-based information security solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing working style and environment to encrypt emails, documents and files whereever they are stored and with whomever they are shared. It works on-premise and in the cloud with any email system and user identity.

Universal Encryption Overview

  • Identity based key model - email address is all you need.
  • Zero-key management for users - no passwords to exchange or remember
  • Content policies to retain control of shared data
  • Share secure content the way you like to work - mobile, desktop and cloud integration
  • No software installation required. Everything is done inside your web browser
  • Use Google, Microsoft or any other, personal or work, email address
  • Copy-protect shared content against unauthorized forward/copy/print/screen dump/snipping
  • Get Lockmagic for Windows or Android or IPhone
  • Deploy on-premise or as cloud service

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Email Security Email Encryption

  • Send and access secure messages without installing any software.
  • Learn who accessed your email messages.
  • Messages always remain encrypted even when forwarded.
  • Expire email messages.
  • Block access to recall messages at any time.
  • Request anyone in the world to reply with a secure email without any registration or special action.
  • Safely secure email messages and attachments with AES-256 encryption.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook Client and Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access.

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Gmail Encryption Gmail Encryption

  • Send and receive secure, encrypted email messages directly from inside gmail
  • Use 'Encrypt' button in compose window to send secure, encrypted messages
  • Encrypt message body and attachments
  • Decrypt and view secure messages inside gmail
  • Automatic encryption and protection on Reply and Forward actions
  • Tracking: receive notifications whenever recipients, or anyone else, has accessed your secure messages
  • Set expiry time to control validity of secure messages
  • Stay in control - revoke and block access to recall secure messages at any time


File Encryption Document & File Encryption

  • Secure documents and files stored anywhere! - local drive, network share, flash drive or cloud storage.
  • Encrypt any file type or size
  • Share encrypted documents and files with others without sharing passwords.
  • Encrypt entire folders and share as zip files.
  • In-place updates of encrypted documents and files
  • Seamless integration with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive and others
  • Automatically backup documents and files encrypted to flash drive, local or cloud storage.
  • Tracking - receive notifications whenever anyone accesses your secure documents and files.

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Universal Encryption Universal Encryption

  • Encrypt and decrypt content without installing any software!
  • Encryption is performed inside web browser
  • Send and access encrypted email messages from any device
  • Transparently encrypt and access files in Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive
  • Encrypt local files or any cloud based storage system using your browser
  • Access secure content from any device without managing encryption keys or passwords
  • Email or Share content that expires and automatically deleted

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Partial Document Encryption Partial Document Encryption

  • Define document templates for full user transparent encryption
  • Protect partial or entire documents and spreadsheets
  • Encrypt content from inside Microsoft Word & Excel.
  • Assign users role to mange, edit or view encrypted content.
  • Learn who accessed your documents.

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Control and Audit Control & Audit

  • Block access to encrypted content at any time
  • Manage access policy, add or remove users and roles, at any time
  • Restrict access to viewing only and prevent copy & print
  • Set expiration time after which content becomes inaccessible
  • Define read receipt policy for alerts and notifications
  • Monitor every access with location awareness
  • View data access activities in timeline and world map
  • Search audit events to specific information

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Identity in Lockmagic User Identity

  • Active Directory seamless integration supports users and groups
  • Supports Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo or any OAuth2 provider
  • Two-factor autentication on per-content policies
  • Supports hardware token and Google Authenticator for binding external users identity with self-provisioning
  • Active Directory Federation to support entire partner organizations or individual users
  • Works with any LDAP system

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